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Beef steaks
Beef steaks

As the only shop in Warsaw, we offer you freshly cut  steaks - 5 classic American cuts for your choice. We make our steaks of top quality Polish beef.

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 Bavette steak  Bavette steak   45.90zł /kg Buy Now 
Cheap but surprisingly good steal cut of best part of beef 'wing'. Unique, thick fibres make it crispy. We sell this large steak only as a whole - it weighs ca. 0.6 kg 
 Cote de Boeuf Steak  Cote de Boeuf Steak   65.90zł /kg Buy Now 
Special cut of entrecote including bone (part of a rib) on a side. The bone and fat insides make this steak so deliious after panning or grilling. One steak weighs ca 0.5 kg 
 Filet Mignon Steak  Filet Mignon Steak   145.90zł /kg Buy Now 
The most exclusive kind of steaks which is cut from the best part of tenderloin - the middle part. We sell this article for kgs. One piece weighs  0.20 - 0.30 kg. Should be fried 2-4 mins. on... 
 Filet Mignon steak aged Polish Angus  Filet Mignon steak aged Polish Angus   159.90zł /kg Buy Now 
Filet Mignon steak cut of the best part of seasoned tenderloin. High quality Polish Angus breed. Aged for 3 weeks meat with beautiful marble. It is delivered from small slaughtery located in... 
 Filet Mignon steak Limousine  Filet Mignon steak Limousine   185.90zł /kg Buy Now 
Brilliant steak cut of the best part of tenderloin. High quality Polish Limousine breed. Very tender meat with nice marble but fat layer cut off. 1 steak weighs ca. 0.2 kg 
 Flat iron steak Limousine  Flat iron steak Limousine   49.90zł /kg Buy Now 
Flat iron steak is cut from the most tender and lean part of beef chuck. It is a large steak of 0.8 - 1 kg weight and is meant to be cooked for a bit longer than usual. It is surprisingly good when... 
 Hanger steak Polish Angus  Hanger steak Polish Angus   39.90zł /kg Buy Now 
Hanger steak is a special cut known to all proffesional butchers. It is cut from the best and most tender part of beef plate. It is true value for money. In past people uset to call it 'butcher's... 
 New York Steak  New York Steak   67.90zł /kg Buy Now 
This steak is cut from beef strip loin. Name comes from its shape which looks like New York state. We sell this article for kgs. One piece weighs 0.2 - 0.4 kg. Tastes good when you dip it in... 
 New York steak aged Polish Angus  New York steak aged Polish Angus   77.90zł /kg Buy Now 
New York steak of matured for 3 weeks strip loin. Polish Angus breed. Tastes best marinated and than fried on a pan or grilled. One piece weigh ca. 0.2 - 0.4 kg. 
 New York steak dry-aged min.30 days  New York steak dry-aged min.30 days   119.90zł /kg Buy Now 
Highest quality of Polish prime beef. Unique rising methods and breed selection provide this exceptional beef, which can be compared toAmerican Prime beef. Reach marble and solid structure makes it... 
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